Research Grant Program

Funded Research

Carolina Wildlands Research Grants are available for principal investigators and student co-investigators from Colleges and Universities to fund and provide research facilities and field study locations at the Southern 8ths Field Station.

This program allows students to develop skills for a career in conservation biology while gaining and sharing an understanding of the native ecosystems we all depend on. Written applications with full description of the area of study, process, timeline and the project goals must be submitted.

Funded Research

Program Requirements

  • Understand and follow all provided Southern 8ths Field Station safety protocols

  • Keep journals and submit entries weekly. These journals will be posted on the Carolina Wildlands website

  • Student co-investigators submit a 2-page summary of their experience in the project

  • Acknowledgment of Carolina Wildlands Foundation financial support on all publications and presentations

  • Attend and present at a Carolina Wildlands Foundation community conservation meeting

  • Submit Grant Final Report

Education Partners