Southern 8ths
Biological Field Station

A Unique Place

Our primary study area is a biological field station, Southern 8ths, 1,500 acres of pre-served property spanning parts of Chesterfield, South Carolina and Anson County, North Carolina. This central location is on the edge of the Carolinas’ largest landforms – the Piedmont Plateau and the Coastal Plain. Southern 8ths is an ideal biological laboratory with upland and bottomland hardwood forest, planted and native pines, reclaimed native grasslands and prairies, freshwater ponds, wetlands, and streams, all supporting healthy, diverse communities of native plants and wildlife.

After centuries of farming, 90% of the property is undergoing conservation and ecological restoration to reclaim the land for Nature. The Carolina Wildlands Foundation oversees long-term land stewardship in conjunction with the Field Biology Internships Program.

Facilities for Researchers

  • Large learning center with high-speed internet, LCD projector and screen & sound system

  • Shared kitchen/dining area

  • Overnight accommodations including group tents with cots for student interns and fellows

  • Men’s/women’s bathrooms with showers

  • Guest houses for faculty researchers

  • Secure equipment storage room

  • Miles of tracks and trails

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