Sound Meter deployed in Fireworks West. Audio chips are examined weekly.

Monthly Weather Review:

  • Monthly Rainfall Total: 0.11 inches
  • Highest Temperature: 76.6oF
  • Lowest Temperature: 60.1oF
  • Highest Wind Speed: 7.1 mph


  • Thoroughworts (Eupatorium spp.) are dominant flowering plants in Firework Prairies.
  • Goldenrod (Solidago spp.) are starting to flower in Steele, Francis, and Firework Prairies.
  • Camphorweed (H. subaxillaris) flower buds are present in Firework Prairies.
  • The first flowers of Blue Mistflower (C. coelestinum) were sighted in Halfmoon along Prairie Seven edge.
  • The first flowers of Scarlet Creeper (I. hederifolia) were sighted in Fireworks East Prairie.
  • Sound Meter deployed in Fireworks West Prairie 9/01/23.
Arcadian Flycatcher in Fireworks East.

Arcadian Flycatcher in Fireworks East.


  • Ragweed (A. artemisiifolia) flower buds are present in Francis, Steele, and Firework Prairies.
  • The first flower of Crownbeard (Verbesina spp.) was sighted in Block House Back Prairie.
  • The first flower of Late Boneset (E. serotinum) was sighted in Prairie Five.
  • Rough Buttonweed (D. teres) in flower along prairie floor in Prairie Five, Prairie Six, and Francis Prairie.


  • Rosinweed (S. asteriscus) starting to brown and lose flowers.
  • The first flower of Nits and Lice (H. drummondii) was sighted in Redbanks Prairie.
  • Heavy sicklepod (S. obustifolia) growth in thinned pine stand by Firework East Prairie. Flowering Sicklepod is attracting hundreds of Sulphur Butterflies.
  • Sumptweed (I. annua) found growing in Fireworks East Prairie, new to species list.
  • The first flower of Foxglove was sighted in Fireworks West Prairie by the pond edge.
  • Eastern Redbud (C. canadensis) seed pods present, releasing seeds.
Grasshopper Feeding on Dogfennel (E. capillifolium)

Grasshopper Feeding on Dogfennel (E. capillifolium)


  • Grasshopper sighted feeding on Dogfennel (E. capillifolium) in Fireworks East Prairie.
  • Two Bluebirds, One Arcadian Flycatcher, One Carolina Chickadee, One Eastern Wood-Pewee, and Three unknown, yellow, warblers sighted in Firework Prairies.
  • Littleleaf Tick Clover (D. ciliare) in flower in Francis Prairie.
  • Goldenrod (Solidago spp.) and Indian Grass (S. nutans) are dominant plants in Francis Prairie.
  • Male Box Turtle found in Francis Prairie.
  • Joe Pye Weed (E. purpureum) in flower in Firework Prairies and Block House Prairies.


  • Crownbeard (Verbesina spp.) is the dominant flowering plant in Block House, and Silo Prairies.
  • Blue Mistflower (C. coelestinum) flowering in woods near Far Gate Prairies.
  • Robber Fly species sighted in Far Gate North Prairie.
  • Ironweed (V. noveboracensis) in flower in Far Gate South Prairie.
  • Sulphur Butterflies, Fritillary Butterflies, and Buckeye Butterflies were all sighted in Far Gate South Prairie.
Lobelia species in flower by drainage pond.

Lobelia species in flower by drainage pond.


  • Orb Weavers (Araneidae spp.) sighted in woods: Marbled Orb Weavers, Spiny Backed Orb Weavers, Red Femured Orb Weavers, and Spotted Orb Weavers all sighted.
  • Persimmons (D. virginiana) ripe and falling.
  • American Beautyberry (C. americana) berries purple and ripe.
  • Wild Grapes (V. rotundifolia) ripe and falling.


  • Doll’s Daisy (B. asteroides) in flower in Halfmoon Prairies. Heavy in Prairies Five and Six.
  • Bearded Beggarticks (B. aristosa) in flower along roadsides and Halfmoon Trail.
  • Lobelia species in flower near drainage pond.
Grumpy Box Turtle Sighted in Halfmoon Woods.

Grumpy Box Turtle Sighted in Halfmoon Woods.


  • Monarch butterflies were sighted in Redbanks and Fireworks East Prairie.
  • An unknown yellow warbler sighted in Fireworks West Prairie along pond edge, possibly Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas).
  • Pine Stands in Halfmoon, Block House, Far Gate, Dry Pond, Otter, and Muddy Branch are full of Wingstem and Crownbeard, (Verbesina spp.) both in full bloom.
  • Two male box turtles sighted in woods near Halfmoon. One male was very vocal – hissing. The other was calm with no sound. Both turtles kept their heads out for photographs.
  • Sweet Gum (L. styraciflua) and Ironwood (O. virginiana) Leaves are starting to change color – yellows, and browns.
  • Quercus species are dropping acorns.

Aerial views of 3 prairies showing September growth progression

Author: Brianna Bergamini

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