Spider Hatchlings

Monthly Weather Review:

Rainfall Total: 2.09inches
Highest Temperature: 900F
Lowest Temperature: 620F
Average Wind Speed: 7.57mph


  • First flowers of (G. molle) observed in Block House Back Prairie.
  • Brown Headed Cowbirds observed in and around Horse Paddocks.
  • The first flowers of Tainturier’s Chervil (C. tainturieri) observed in Halfmoon.
  • Spider hatchlings observed in Prairie Three on Bush Clover (L. cuneata).


  • Lyre-Leaf Sage (S. lyrata) in flower. Observed along Halfmoon Trails, Block House Prairie Edges, Far Side Prairie Edges.
  • The first active Eastern Box Turtle of the season was observed in Halfmoon near Prairie six.
Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse


  • Partial solar eclipse observed.
  • Black Cherry Tree (P. serotina) observed in flower in Halfmoon.
  • Carolina Silverbell (H. Carolina) observed in flower in Halfmoon.
Carolina Silverbell flowers.

Carolina Silverbell flowers.


  • The first Killdeer hatchlings observed, two individuals.
  • The first flower of Golden Alexander (Z. aurea) observed along Halfmoon Trails.
Golden Alexander.

Golden Alexander.


  • The first flower of Coral Honeysuckle (L. sempervirens) observed in Muddy Branch.
  • The first flowers of Primrose Leaf Violet (V. primulifolia) observed along BJ Pond edge.


  • Juvenile Northern Water Snake observed along Thompson Creek edge.
  • The first Coreopsis (C. lanceolata) flowers observed on Halfmoon Trail.
  • The first flowers of Fringe Tree (C. virginicus) observed in Halfmoon.
Fringe Tree flowers.

Fringe Tree flowers.


  • Kayaked Thompson Creek.
    • Great Blue Heron Observed.
    • Violet Oxalis ( violacea) in flower, Golden Alexander (Z. aurea) in flower, Lyre-Leaf Sage (S. lyrata) in flower
    • Mammal Tracks sighted along banks – Deer, Racoon, Other Unidentified Tracks.
  • Pearl Crescent Butterflies observed in Fireworks West
Thompson Creek


  • The first flower of Common Yarrow (A. millefolium) observed in Redbanks Prairie.
  • The first flower of Bachelor’s Button (C. cyanus) observed in Far Gate South Prairie.


  • The first flower of False Flowering Spurge (E. pubentissima) observed in Halfmoon near Prairie Four.
  • Hairy Purple Vetch (V. villosa) observed in flower in open grasslands.
  • Flower buds of Small’s Ragwort observed in Firework Prairies, Steele Prairies, and Grasslands.
  • Crimson Clover (T. incarnatum) in full flower throughout grassland areas.

Aerial views of 3 prairies showing April growth progression

Author: Brianna Bergamini

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